Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape



Source: Google
Make sure you’re wearing the best shades that perfectly complement the shape of your face. Whether your face is oval or heart-shaped, check out these sunglass styles that best fit you.
Round Source: Google
If your face’s width and length are similar in size and has curves, try on some shades that are more rectangular or square in shape. The sharper lines will balance out the curves in your face. Avoid circular shades as it will only make your face appear more round.
Oval Source: Getty Images
If your face is oval-shaped and long and thin, you’ve lucked out. Since your face is symmetrical, all shades whether square, oval, round, rectangular etc., will look great.
Heart-Shaped Source: Google
If the top portion of your face spans a larger width than the bottom, choose a pair of Aviators for optimal fit and appearance.
Square Source: Google
If you have a strong jawline and a broad forehead grab a pair of round or oval-shaped lenses to soften the angles of your face and provide the best fit and look.

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