Can Yoga Pants Really Make You Gain Weight?



Source: Getty Images
Yoga pants – they’re the wardrobe staple initially designed for doing yoga, but thanks to their comfy snugness yoga pants have morphed into everyday wear with most of us never actually using them for yoga, or exercise.
But according to Dr. Oz, those yoga pants could actually be leading to weight gain!
Initially yoga pants are a tight fit, helping keep random tummy bulges in place and smoothing out those thigh dimples to give us a delightfully toned look. However, according to Dr. Oz, that initial snug fit can ease up with the continual wash and wear of our favorite athleisure pants.
In an appearance on NBC’s TODAY show, Dr. Oz revealed that the loosening of the elastic on the waistband could actually lull us into a false sense of security about how much weight we may be putting on. Because we feel as though the yoga pants aren’t as tight as they once were we may believe we are losing weight, which could cause us to eat more.
Dr. Oz recommends switching out those yoga pants for jeans, or another buttoned-up type of trouser throughout the week so we can gauge how hard it is to button them up, or how tight they are fitting.

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