Chick-fil-A Testing Robot Delivery Vehicles



Source: Refraction AI
Chick-fil-A is testing a new method to deliver its tasty chicken – and it involves robots!
According to Fox News, the fast-food chain is working with tech company, Refraction AI, to robot delivery vehicles in Austin, Texas, California, and Florida. The contactless delivery will come courtesy of a box-shaped robot on wheels, which will transport the food in a locked compartment. Fox News reports the customer will receive a text message with a code to unlock the box once the food arrives.
“You will receive a series of text messages first confirming your order is coming via robot, then with an estimated arrival time as soon as your order is picked up from the restaurant,” Refraction reveals. “The last message you receive will provide a code to unlock the robot and retrieve your order.”
According to Fox News, the robots can withstand most weather conditions and come fitted with safety features to ensure they don’t collide with hazards on their delivery missions.

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