Chiropractors Warn Against Carrying These Purse Types



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As women, we tend to throw everything we need – and then some – into our purses and think nothing of lugging it around on a day to day basis.
Yet chiropractors warn touting around heavy bags could be making us sick – not just from sore muscles, spine and neck issues, but the weight of purses on our shoulders can cause migraines, tension headaches and even trouble breathing.Source: Shutterstock
So before you go loading your huge tote bag and slinging it over your shoulder, chiropractors recommend these tips on how to properly shop for, and carry your daily purse.
They may be convenient but chiropractors warn against cross body bags. Why? They tug your body to one side, causing it to conform to a ‘C’ shape and unevenly distribute the weight of the bag against your body.Source: Pinterest
Large totes are also another no no. They offer very little support and if you have a large bag, more than likely you will carry more than you really need. Chiropractors suggest if you need to carry a large tote to work, place a clutch inside that you can take out and carry with you if you need to run errands.
Wide purses are also bad for your back as they cause your arm to stick out, which can cause misalignment your spine.
Alternate the should you carry your bag on. We tend to lift up the shoulder our bag is on to stop it from slipping, causing our shoulders to become uneven. Chiropractors suggest making a conscious effort to switch shoulders as we are carrying our purses.Source: Pinterest
Use a handheld purse – by holding the purse in our hands via a short hand-held strap, we avoid shoulder pain and tugging of the neck muscles.Source: Pinterest
Take advantage of the mini backpack trend. By wearing our purse as a backpack on both shoulders we distribute the weight evenly. Make sure to pack heavier items on the bottom towards the back of the bag. If you love a good shoulder bag, chiropractors recommend carrying a structured bag that hits around the navel for average sized women, and a little higher for petite women. Lastly, doctors recommend carrying no more than 10% of your body weight in your purse – so that means a woman weighing 130 lbs should carry no more than 13 lbs total weight of purse and contents.

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