Easiest Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Harming Your Nails



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Here are some tips and tricks to remove your gel manicure without traveling to the nail salon. You may be tempted to pick off the remaining polish, but it can be detrimental to your nail.
Save yourself a trip to the salon and follow these easy steps to remove your gel manicure without harming the health of your nail.
What You’ll Need:
-Cotton Balls -Acetone -Aluminum Foil
Step 1. Source: Google
Soak cotton balls in acetone
Step 2. Source: Google
Wrap the acetone-soaked cotton ball around your nail and secure with aluminum foil. Let sit on the nails for about 20 minutes.
Step 3. Source: Google
Remove foil and remove remaining polish with an orange wood stick. If you’re having trouble removing stubborn remnants of polish, repeat process for additional 10-15 minutes and the polish will slide right off the nail.
Step 4. Source: Google
Moisturize. Acetone can dehydrate the skin around the nail. Use hand cream, cuticle oil or soak your fingers in coconut oil after you complete the process for gorgeous hydrated skin and nails.