Eight Tips to Make Your Lipstick Rock



Source: Getty Images
Rocking the perfect lip isn’t just a case of applying your favorite lipstick. With a plethora of lip products out there flaunting an enviable pout can easily be achieved with the following tips:
Go Nude Find the right nude by looking at the inside of your bottom lip. That color is the perfect nude shade for your lips.
Create a Picture Perfect Pout Make lips appear pouty by applying a lighter lipstick shade in the center of your top and bottom lips.
Rock a Sultry Low Maintenance Red Make red lipstick more low maintenance by applying the product with your finger giving it more of a lip stain look rather than full on red lipstick.
Keep that Color Fill in the entire lip with a nude color lip liner. When you’re lipstick wears off thru the day the lip liner color will remain.
Hydrate to Inflate Hydrate the whole lip area by applying lip balm not just to the lips but also the skin surrounding the lip line. Let the balm sit and seep into the skin before applying lipstick. Keeping lips well hydrated will make them look plumper!
Don’t Overdo It! Complement a bright lipstick by going easy on the blush…choose a lighter color and apply sparingly if you’re rocking a big bold lip color. If you’re wearing nudes play up your skin color with a deeper blush or bronzer.
Play with Texture Combine a matte and regular lipstick. Apply a matte liquid lipstick over the lips then apply a regular lipstick over the top.
Avoid a Brush Never use a brush to apply a matte lipstick.


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