Forget Farmhouse Chic, Wabi-Sabi is the New Decorating Trend



Source: Pinterest
There’s a new trend in home decor and while its name may be unusual, the concept is something we can all implement in our homes – and best of all it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money!
Say hello to Wabi-Sabi! According to Better Homes & Gardens, searches for Wabi-Sabi have seen an increase of 98 percent over the past year, with people turning to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.
So what exactly is Wabi-Sabi? According to Better Homes & Gardens, it’s an ancient Japanese philosophy that’s the perfect antidote for any of us who spend our time tirelessly striving for a home decor that’s picture perfect.
In a word Wabi-Sabi is “authentic” and its roots are in Buddhism when, according to Better Homes & Gardens, tea was served in handmade bowls that were prized, even if they were damaged in some way. In fact any cracks or chips were repaired with gold or silver resin rather than throwing the item away.
When it comes to home decor the philosophy means seeing beauty and practicality in items even if they’re looking less than perfect. Wabi-Sabi doesn’t mean we have to have a perfectly matched set of tableware, or the latest furnishings in pristine condition. It’s a more simplified approach to decorating where items are valued for their authenticity and their utility – and most importantly, the stories they tell.
Speaking to Better Homes & Gardens, Julie Pointer-Adams – author of Wabi-Sabi Welcome said of the philosophy, “Wabi means something like simplicity, humility and living in tune with nature; it describes someone who is content with little and makes the most of whatever he or she has, always moving toward having less.”
“Sabi, on the other hand, refers to what happens with the passage of time; it’s about transience and the beauty and authenticity of age.”
According to Better Homes & Gardens, one of the benefits of Wabi-Sabi is that you don’t have to follow the latest trends. Rather items in your home are ones that you love and create interest for you.

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