How to Keep Pumpkins Looking Fresh All Fall Long



Source: Shutterstock
Who doesn’t love decorating for fall? The pumpkins, scarecrows, gourds and hay bales. What we don’t love? Rotting pumpkins!
Not only can rotting pumpkins look less than festive, but the smell can also attract critters such as raccoons and rodents looking for a meal.
Fortunately, keeping your pumpkin looking in tip-top condition is easy and inexpensive thanks to this tip from Southern Living.
For an uncarved pumpkin, it’s as simple as spraying the exterior with WD-40! Not only will it prevent the pumpkin from rotting prematurely, the WD40 also gives a nice sheen to the outside.
When it comes to carved pumpkins they deteriorate much faster than uncarved pumpkins. Luckily you can still make sure your carved masterpiece lasts a good ten days longer than it normally would by giving it a quick bath in a bleach solution.
According to Southern Living, you will firstly need to take your carved pumpkin and give it a good rinse with water. Next, find a bucket large enough to fit your pumpkin. Simply mix one tablespoon of bleach per quart of water. Fill the bucket with enough bleach mixture to totally submerge the pumpkin.
Don some rubber gloves and dunk the pumpkin into the bucket holding it under the bleach solution for two minutes. Remove and let it dry.
Southern Living also recommend smearing petroleum jelly all over the outside and inside of the pumpkin to keep it from drying out.

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