Khloe Kardashian Unveils Platinum Blonde Hairdo



Source: PA
Khloe Kardashian is showing us blondes really do have more fun with her dramatic new blonde hairdo!
The busy mom has shaken things up a bit for the festive season and decided to rock an icy blonde color thanks to celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham.
Sharing a pic of Khloe’s new, sexy platinum blonde look to social media Tracey wrote, “I love you #platinumblonde. I love doing your hair color.”
Going platinum is no easy feat and involves a bunch of steps and a lot of patience, something Tracey explained in her post.
“I had to highlight all the brown in your hair first with Redken FlashLift 40 vol and ½ oz of olaplex and then highlight all the blonde with 10 volume and a ¼ oz olaplex leaving a tiny bit of root,” Tracey explained. “And then I glossed all over with shades EQ 4 ounces of clear and one drop of 0 l1B measure it by just pouring about a quarter of the lid. I painted this “drop” gloss at the root and then poured it all over it’s basically a blue drop and it goes on and off.”
Khloe took to Instagram to thank the celebrity stylist for “always being available for my last minute hair ideas” and called Tracey a “magician.”

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