Laguna Beach Star Suffers Lasting Side Effects from Brain Injury



Source: MTV Laguna Beach
Former Laguna Beach star Lo Bosworth is opening up about the lasting side effects of a brain injury she suffered two years ago.
The Hills alum shared details about her brain injury with People, revealing, “I get bad headaches two to three times a week, and it’s a struggle for me to find the words or phrases that I’m looking for often.”
Bosworth suffered a brain injury two years ago in New York City when a restaurant door fell off its hinges and knocked her unconscious.
“The emergency room doctors at the hospital told me that if the door had hit my head an inch further back from where it did, I could’ve had serious brain damage,” Bosworth told People.
Still, the 34-year-old was left to battle some pretty severe side effects from the accident, especially during the twelve months afterward.
“I don’t really remember a lot of that night and I don’t remember with full clarity many of the weeks afterward,” the 34-year-old shared. “I would get lost in New York City walking around — I’ve lived there for nine years and it’s on a grid — so it’s hard to get lost in New York City.”
“I think that I have been able to better come to terms with challenging days — and I have had enough challenging days — to recognize that they pass, it gets better and it’s a moment that you can work through,” Bosworth told People of her journey. “I think acceptance of a challenging day, instead of trying to fight it, is the best way that I have learned to move through them more quickly.”

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