Luke Perry Dead at 52 After Massive Stroke



Source: Getty Images

Tributes have been pouring in for actor Luke Perry, who has sadly passed away at the age of 52 following a massive stroke.

Perry, who rose to fame as heartthrob bad-boy Dylan McKay on the 90’s hit show Beverly Hills 90210, reportedly suffered the stroke last week and never gained consciousness. He was surrounded by close family, including his two children Sophie and Jack when he passed.

Co-stars have taken to social media to share their grief, with “kind” being the prevailing word summing up Perry’s character.

Shannen Doherty, who played McKay’s love interest Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, released a statement to People, saying, “I am in shock. Heartbroken. Devastated by the loss of my friend. I have so many memories with Luke that make me smile and that are forever imprinted on my heart and mind.”

Molly Ringwald, who played Perry’s ex-wife on Riverdale shared via Twitter, “My heart is broken. I will miss you so much.”

The writers of Riverdale, where filming was shut down yesterday following the tragic news, shared, “You were a joyful and vibrant soul. You will be missed but most certainly your legacy will be remembered forever.”

Perry’s death is a startling reminder that a stroke can strike at any age. Medical professionals recommend calling 911 immediately if you, or someone with you, shows signs of slurred speech, facial drooping, sudden numbness in the face, arm, or leg (normally on one side of the body), sudden dimness or loss of vision (particularly in one eye), or a sudden and severe headache with no apparent cause.