Meet the Blackhead Busting $8 Facial Scrub



Source: Amazon
If you have skin prone to zits and blackhead, Cosmopolitan have the perfect facial scrub for your problem skin – and best of all it only costs 8 bucks! Cosmopolitan’s Carly Cardellino shared her search for more natural beauty products once she fell pregnant and in her quest to replace her normal facial scrub she found the perfect exfoliator, which left her skin looking better than ever before.
Cardellino now swears by Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub, available on Amazon for $7.99, telling Cosmopolitan, “I have super sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause any irritation or break me out.” Comprising of French Green Clay to help absorb excess oil on the skin, lemon peel granules to dissolve oils and skin softening sea kelp, Acure also contains finely milled walnut to “gently slough away any dead skin cells” and chlorophyll to help deliver oxygen to cells.
“Since I started using it seven months ago, I’ve used it twice a week and have seen such a difference in my skin,” Cardellino revealed. “Honestly, my complexion has never been more glowy, smooth and black-head free.”

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