Save Your Mane with These 7 Simple Hair Hacks



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Increase the quality of your hair with these simple steps. Save your hair, fight the frizz and combat dry, damaged hair with these easy tricks.
Limit Shampoos Source: Google
Skip a day in between shampoos. Use a sulfate-free product for color-treated hair to make your color last. Use dry shampoo to help keep your hair looking great in between washes. Dry shampoo will remove the excess oils from your hair and give it a healthy bounce without washing.
Limit Heat Source: Google
Chances are if you’re taking the flat iron or curling wand to your hair everyday, you’ve done some major damage. Try to limit using heat and make sure your are using a thermal heat protectant prior to applying heat.
Hair Mask Source: Google
Once a week, apply a mask or deep conditioning treatment and let it sit on the hair for a few hours. This will help repair those stubborn split ends and improve your dry, damaged hair.
Rinse with Cool Water Source: Google
When showering, avoid using hot water when rinsing. Instead, turn the water temperature down and rinse with cool water, which will close the cuticle on your hair. Bye-Bye split ends!
Install Shower Head Filter Source: Google
Using a filter on your shower head will eliminate some minerals that could be stripping your hair and making it appear dull and lifeless. Not having a filter could be the underlying reason behind your brassy undertones.
Wear a Hat Source: Google
When in the sun, your hair and scalp can suffer from the intense UV rays. If you’re planning a day at the beach, wear a hat so your color-treated hair won’t fade.
Change-Up Your Part Source: beautyeditor
Do you see pesky roots when you look in the mirror? Switch up your part for an easy fix in between colorings.

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