The Chalk Paint Trend – An Easy Way to Update your Furniture



Source: Annie Sloan
It’s the trend that has been sweeping Pinterest and YouTube. From novice DIY’ers to experienced artists, everyone seems to be embracing the use of Chalk Paint. But what exactly is it? And is it really as uncomplicated to use as everyone says it is?
The original Chalk Paint was developed by artist Annie Sloan back in 1990. As an art school graduate and mom of three small children, Annie was looking for a quick and easy paint she could use. After not finding anything suitable on the market, she created her own. Thus, Chalk Paint was born!
In a recent interview with Architectural Design Annie revealed, “I wanted to be able to paint a piece of furniture or a wall and then wax it to give it a beautiful effect…I just wanted the process to be simple. I also wanted to be able to add water to the paint to create washes, or use it thickly to create texture.”
So how do you go about jazzing up an old piece of furniture with Chalk Paint? Fortunately, Chalk Paint requires no sanding, priming or preparation and can be used on a multitude of materials from wood, to plastic, metal and even bricks. According to Annie your first step should be giving the Chalk Paint a good mix by turning the can upside down. If the paint is too thick stir in a little water and then get to work. Chalk Paint will rarely need a second coat, which makes the whole process fun, quick and easy.

And I spent my weekend doing this.. Chalk paint sandpaper and Furniture wax. #duckegg #homedecor #chalkpaint #draws #furniture

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Once you have ventured into the world of Chalk Paint you may find your creativity grows artistic wings and off you trot around the house looking for more items to paint. What’s more, even though Chalk Paint comes in a variety of colors, you can always mix up your own custom blend!
Adding a wax after the paint dries really adds something special to your painted piece. Annie and her team created a wax that adds a finishing touch to your project, deepening the color and giving the paint a sheen. The wax comes in four shades and is simple to use, with Annie telling Architectural Digest, “I love to use my Dark Chalk Paint Wax to create an antique look and bring out the texture of my paint work. Or I’ll use my Black Chalk Paint Wax to create an industrial warehouse look.”

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