The Cheap Trick for a Youthful Glowing Face



Source: Pinterest
When it comes to looking younger forget botox, plastic surgery and expensive face creams. For a youthful face that screams health and vitality, simply give yourself a massage.
All it takes is a few minutes a day of massaging the face to help give a youthful glow and benefits include:
Reducing Puffiness – by massaging the face you are helping kickstart the neck and facial lymph which in turn will help produce puffiness and even out skin tone. It also helps blood flow to the area, boosting collagen production and giving skin a natural healthy glow.
Relieve Tension – ever had a particularly stressful day and see that tension all over your face? When we deal with tough days it shows in the way we frown, squint or generally look tense. A tense face can lead to wrinkles. Massaging the face can help relieve that tension by encouraging better circulation and blood flow.
Gives Skin a Rosy Glow – forget plastering on bronzer and blush to achieve a healthy, rosy glow. Simply give your face a massage instead. Massaging the skin brings better blood flow to the area and helps the body filter out toxins more effectively. This results in a youthful glow most people pay thousands for.
How to Massage the Face First, you want to work against gravity by always massaging the skin in an upward movement. Avoid dragging, or trying to massage the skin when it’s dry. Try using jojoba oil and start massaging the skin using gentle gliding upward movements and then move your hands outwards toward the hairline. Pay particular attention to the jawline, mouth and cheeks where gravity has a habit of pulling the skin downwards. When it comes to the delicate eye area you should lightly tap instead of massage. On a particularly stressful day pay close attention to massaging the temples. Try giving yourself a nightly facial massage before cleansing the skin and applying moisturizer.