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The art of Feng Shui can, at first, seem rather complicated but there are some easy tips beginners can use to embark on improving the flow of Chi in their homes.
First of all, take a good look around the home and define any areas that need improvement. Is there a particular room in the home that makes you feel stressed, unfocused, or anxious? If so focus in on that room, or closet first.

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Clear Clutter – to create good energy in the home the first step in Feng Shui is to clear and corral all clutter. A cluttered home depletes energy. There needs to be clear and defined space in each room of the home for the energy to flow. Before embarking on your Feng Shui journey, first tackle clutter and donate, or recycle anything you don’t use.
Create a Strong Entryway – Never have a mirror directly facing your front door. You need to create an entryway that allows energy to flow in. Try placing a small table with a lamp or colorful vase of flowers by the front door. Place a colorful rug on the floor, or hang some interesting wall art with vibrant colors.

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Natural Light in Living Areas – Natural light is a must for your living areas – the place where you spend most of your time. If your windows are small use strategically hung mirrors to reflect the natural light. Use table lamps scattered around the room to layer lighting. Add plants in your living areas to help round-out sharp edges of coffee tables and walls.
Clutter Free Kitchen – keep kitchen gadgets at a minimum and use good lighting in the kitchen. Try to keep the kitchen as bright as possible – yellow is wonderful color to use in a kitchen. Keep the air clean with houseplants.

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Here’s a picture of mine!!!…………………………………………………………. Your bedroom should have a neutral colour palette, bright colours are not conducive for a restful sleep! My bedroom isn't particularly spacious so I have clean white walls with top quality neutral linen. If you are anything like me buying linen is a guilty pleasure (and a very expensive one) – keep to plain linen, not bright patterns. Place a piece of art that reflects something that you’d like to manifest in your life behind your bedhead. I have an original painting of a couple. It is believed that original paintings are more auspicious as the artist has put their time, effort and love into creating it. Your bedroom should be the place you go to to recharge and rest, not send emails, watch TV and check your social media, so mobile phones, TVs and laptops are a no no in the bedroom. If you make these few simple changes you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! With love, Kelly #fengshui #bedroom #interiors #homedecor

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A Bedroom Sanctuary – the bedroom needs to be a soothing sanctuary, so take out the television, computer and exercise equipment. Paint the walls any shade of ‘skin’ colors for balance and harmony. Use candles for lighting and artwork that has a relaxing, or sensual theme. Using natural oils in an air purifier is also great for channeling good energy in a bedroom. Avoid having plants in the bedroom space. Lastly, make sure that at night all the doors are closed in your bedroom – including your closet door.

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Lucky Bamboo – lastly place some lucky bamboo in the south, or southeast corner of your home to bring luck. You can narrow down that luck into certain areas of your life by choosing your bamboo according to the number of stalks it has – just avoid a bamboo with four stalks as that means death. Choose 2 stalks for love, 3 for happiness, wealth and a long life, 5 for life wealth (spiritual, mental and physical), 6 for good luck and wealth, 7 for good health, and 8 for growth.


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