Pop-Tarts Getting a New Pretzel Twist



Source: Pop-Tarts
Do you love a snack that is both salty and sweet? Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts certainly hopes so, with the sweet confectionery breakfast treat adding a new salty twist to their delicious lineup.
According to Eat This, Not That, Kellogg’s will introduce a new Pop-Tarts Pretzel combo to the family, which is expected to hit stores nationwide in the New Year.
The delightfully snacky sounding combo will come in two different flavors – Brown Sugar Cinnamon sugar, and Chocolate.
Eat This, Not That reports Kellogg’s realized many people – especially millennials – don’t consider Pop-Tarts as just a breakfast item, with research showing about half of those polled love to chomp down on one of the toaster pastries as an afternoon snack.
The new pretzel lineup reportedly debuted last month at a trade show in Atlanta, with samples garnering good reviews on social media.
“New Pretzel Pop-Tarts will be out in December!” @CandyHunting shared on Instagram. “There are two varieties: Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Chocolate. From what I could tell from the small sample pieces I tried, they have the same texture as normal Pop-Tarts, but have a distinct pretzel flavor and added saltiness.”
“Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods,” Eat This, Not That reports Joe Beauprez, marketing director at Pop-Tarts, as saying. “With the debut of Pop-Tarts Pretzel, we’ve fixed a snacking staple.”


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