Ring in 2021 With These Lucky Colors



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If you’re hoping 2021 will add good health, wealth, or even love to your life there’s a color for that!
According to Good Housekeeping, the following colors are all considered extra lucky for 2021 and represent various things you want to see happen for the new year. Need a little extra cash for 2021? Yearning for adventure? Try adding these colors to your New Year’s celebrations.
Green – “Prosperity and New Beginnings”
Long considered a lucky color for attracting wealth, green also represents new beginnings. Just think of spring, the darkness of winter subsides to reveal new growth and the promise of brighter days ahead. “Green is closely tied to vitality and new life,” Good Housekeeping reveals.
Yellow – “Hope and Optimism”
It’s a cheerful color that promotes happiness and after 2020 we are all looking forward to a little more hope and optimism in our lives. If you don’t fancy donning a yellow dress for New Year’s Eve, you can channel the cheerful color by wearing, or decorating the house with gold accents.
Blue – “Calm Positivity”
According to Good Housekeeping, blue represents calm relaxation – and in some Latin American countries, it also represents hope and good health, something we all need for 2021.
Red – “Good Luck and Good Fortune”
Good Housekeeping reports we will be seeing a lot of crimson hues over New Year’s with the fiery color thought to bring good luck and good fortune for the upcoming year.
Orange – “Frivolity and Amusement”
If a year of fun and amusement is what you’re looking for in 2021 (who isn’t) then orange is your color.
White – “New and Pure”
The start of a new year is always a great time to start afresh and white represents just that – a clean slate. According to Good Housekeeping, white symbolizes purity and serenity and represents new beginnings.
Purple – “Powerful and Luxurious”
Long associated with the color of royalty, purple represents power and luxury. If you’re hoping 2021 will bring a promotion or even a few luxurious splurges, you will want to incorporate purple into your New Year festivities.


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