Times Square Visitors Write Wishes on Confetti to be Released During the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop



The Times Square New Years Eve Wishing Wall officially opened Thursday in New York City, where peoples wishes can become confetti released when the ball drops. The wishes, submitted in person and online, will become 3,000 pounds of confetti released over Times Square when the ball drops at midnight on New Years Eve. A video shared by the official Times Square Twitter account shows the Wishing Wall on Duffy Square, Times Squares northern triangle, covered in brightly colored notes. Some of the wishes include “take more risks” and “Taylor Swift tickets.” The Wishing Wall is open every day — except Christmas Day — from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Dec. 29. Wishes can be submitted on the Times Square website or by using the hashtag #ConfettiWish on Instagram and Twitter. “Revelers celebrating in Times Square and everyone watching on TV will kick off the new year with hope and joy as they watch confetti fall from the sky, filled with peoples wishes and aspirations for a new year,” said Tom Harris, president of the Times Square Alliance.