Best Bathing Suits for Every Body Type



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Summertime is here and it’s time to break out the bikini. If you’re searching for the perfect bathing suit, take a look at these styles that are most flattering for each figure. Whether you’re pear-shaped, big busted or lucky enough to have a bombshell hourglass figure, there is a science behind every style of bikini and why one looks better than the other.
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Bustier women need to steer clear of the string bikini top that offers virtually no support for your “girls.” Find a top that offers underwire and thicker straps for the best look and the most comfort.
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Typically if your thighs and hips are larger than the top of your body, you are considered pear-shaped. To find the swimsuit that is the most flattering for your figure that will balance your proportions, look for a top with bright colors or an eye-catching pattern that will pull the attention of the eye upwards, thus balancing you out. Investing in a tankini will also elongate your figure. Also, if wearing a one-piece, get one with a deep v-neck to draw attention to your assets.
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Coverage is key when it comes to finding a suit for your bigger bottom. Avoid string bikinis or smaller-cut suits that will have you constantly fidgeting and tugging throughout the day. Remember you look your best when you are most comfortable and confident.
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Women with a smaller bust line can look for swimsuits with a little extra padding and support to give you the boost you need. Adding a top that has embellishments such as ruffles can give the appearance of a larger bust.
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If you’ve got a figure that resembles those classic “bombshell” beauties, which include the curves of a larger bust, and rounded hips but smaller waist, you are luckier than most because almost all bikinis will look great due to your perfectly proportioned physique.
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If your backside is on the small or flat side, go for a suit with ruching to create the appearance of a larger bum. Also, go for a style that is more cheeky than full coverage. This will also give the illusion of a larger tush.
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If you are looking for a suit that best complements your figure, specifically around your mid-section, grab a suit that offers ruching that will give the appearance of a smaller tummy. Also, be weary of certain fabrics. Look for a fabric such as lycra that will suck you in.