JoJo Siwa Celebrates 17th Birthday with New Look!



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YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa is ditching her trademark oversized hair bow in favor of a new, more mature look.
Siwa, who is renowned for sporting a side ponytail complete with neon bow and donning colorful clothes, debuted her dramatic new look during a TikTok video on the eve of her 17th birthday. At the start of the video, set to BMW Kenny’s Wipe it Down, Siwa is seen looking at the reflection of herself in the bathroom mirror, dressed in a bright pink and sparkly blue jacket. Through the magic of video editing, she then sprays the mirror down with Windex to reveal a more mature version of herself donning a black Gucci t-shirt and allowing her naturally curly hair to cascade over her shoulders.
Siwa’s video quickly went viral, garnering an astonishing 4 million likes within the first 18 hours!
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It’s not the first time the entrepeneurial teen has experimented with shedding her fun-loving juvenile style in favor of something a little more adult. Back in April, the former Dance Moms star shared a video of herself wearing a collection of neon-colored clothes before switching to a plain black t-shirt.

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