Tips For Achieving the Perfect Eyebrow Shape



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Eyebrows frame the face, but more often than not we can get heavy-handed with the tweezers, have no clue how to create the perfect arch, or struggle with filling in sparse hairs. Restoring over-plucked brows can be a major pain to deal with, but with a little patience and some helpful tips you can easily transform your brows into face flattering works of art.
Tips to achieve the perfect shape
Grab an eyebrow pencil and hold it vertically alongside one nostril straight up to the brow. This is where your eyebrow should start.
Next keeping the pencil alongside your nostril move it diagonally across your pupil. This is where your arch should be.
Lastly, swing the pencil so that it angles up from the outer corner of the eye….this is where your eyebrow should taper off.
If you have had a history of over plucking experts suggest banishing your tweezer for a good 4-6 weeks to allow the eyebrows to grow in fully. Once they have fully grown in you can start from scratch shaping your brows.
Which method to use for hair removal – wax, tweezing, or threading?
Waxing is going to keep you hair free for longer since the wax grips the hair and pulls it out by the root. However, it can cause some people redness that lasts a couple of hours and can be painful.
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Threading, where a professional uses a loop of cotton thread to grip hairs and pull them out is the most precise method of hair removal, but can be the most painful. However results can look really sharp and defined and results can last for 2-3 weeks.
Finally, Tweezing can be accomplished at home and allows you to target individual hairs. However it can also lead to over plucking if you get carried away or find yourself having the urge to tweeze daily. Most professionals agree you should only be plucking once a week at the most.

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